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Game Day Material

Click the links below to review the material for game day! You should know all sideline cheers, chants, and the fight song (Varsity only) on command and be able to perform them confidently on the sidelines.

Football Sidelines


  1. First and Ten, First and Ten, BHS (Transition: Down)

  2. TD - TD - Offense, Score 6 (Transition: Hips)

  3. Cross that Line - Hey - Let's Go (Transition: Hips)

  4. Push Through - Push Through - Push Through that Line (Transition: Hips)

  5. B - H - S, BHS, Let's Score (Transition: Hips)

  6. 6 More, 6 More, Come on Butler, Let's Up That Score (Transition: None)

  7. S C xx ORE xx Score x Butler x Score (Transition: 3 Claps)

  8. Offense Butler, Offense Butler, Hey, Let's Score (Transition: Down)

  9. Butler x Touchdown x Score 6 (Transition: 3 Claps)

  10. M O xx VE xx Move the Ball to Victory (Transition: None)

  11. Butler Don't Stop x Score, Score (Transition: Clap)

  12. Offense, Stay Strong, It's Our Ball, All Day Long (Transition: Clap)


  1. Push ' em Back, Push 'em Back, Push 'em Back Big D (Transition: Hips)

  2. Hold that Line, Get Tough Yeah, Hold that Line (Transition: Hips)

  3. Defense Get Tough, Get Tough, Defense Get Tough (Transition: Down)

  4. Defense Butler, Defense Butler, Hey, Let's Go (Transition: Down)

  5. De-fense, Get - that Ball (Transition: Down)

  6. Take that Ball Away - Defense, Defense (Transition: Clap)

  7. Way to Go Defense - G, O (Transition: None)

  8. H O xx L D xx Hold 'em x Hold 'em x Big D (Transition: None)

  9. Hey Hey xx Get Loud xx Yell Defense, C'mon Defense (Transition: Clap)

  10. Butler, We Need a Stop x Defense Defense (Transition: Clap) 

  11. Butler, Stay Strong, It's Their Ball, but Not for Long (Transition: Clap)


  1. G - O, Go Butler Go (Transition: None)

  2. Go - Go Butler - Everybody Yell, Go Butler (Transition: None)

  3. Go - Go - Let's Go Gold (Transition: None)

  4. Yell Out Your Colors Butler, Gold and White (Transition: Clap)

  5. Let's Go Gold - Let's Go White - Gold, White (Transition: Down)

  6. B-E-A-T, Come on Butler beat the ______ (Transition: 3 Claps)

  7. Hey - Hey - Here We Go, Go Big Gold (Transition: Hips)

  8. Who Are You Yellin' For - Butler High School (Transition: Clap)

  9. Stomp and Cheer - B H S (Transition: Hips)

  10. G-O-L-D Go, Go Gold (Transition: Hips)

  11. T O R xxx N A D O - Go Tornado (Transition: Clap)

  12. Let's Get a Little Bit Rowdy, Tuffy is xx Rowdy (Transition: None)

  13. Gold xx White - Tuffy, Let's Fight (Transition: Hips)


  1. We Are xx Butler xx

  2. Let's Go Butler xxxx

  3. Here We Go Butler, Here We Go xx

  4. Go Tornado x x xxx

  5. We Believe, We Believe in Butler

  6. Offense xx / Defense xx

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