2022-23 Tryout Information

Tryouts for the 2022-2023 season will be held May 9 - 12.

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General Tryout Information:

  • Tryout material will be posted to our website May 8 so athletes can begin familiarizing themselves with material

  • Material practices will be held May 9 & May 10

  • JV & Varsity Game Squad Tryouts will be held May 10 - immediately following material review

  • 7th & 8th Grade Game Squad Tryouts will be held May 11

  • JHS & Varsity Competition Tryouts will be held May 12 

*Athletes must make a game squad if they intend to tryout for a competition team.*

Questions regarding tryout results and/or placements may be sent to goldentornadocheer@gmail.com.

Please wait until at least 48 hours after tryouts have concluded to reach out. You should not expect a response prior to that time. No texts, calls, or other style of messaging will be answered.

Tryout Schedule

Thursday, May 12

Competition Tryouts - CT Elementary

*athletes MUST make a game squad in order to tryout for competition*

Varsity (Grades 9-12): 6-7pm

JHS (Grades 7-9): 7-8pm

Wednesday, May 18

Program Parent Meeting - CT Elementary

*This meeting is mandatory for all parents*

Starts @ 6pm

Additional Information

  • Athletes interested in being part of the Varsity Competition Squad should plan to be available for Cheer Camp at Trails End June 13-16 and Choreography Camp August 29 & 30.  These activities are crucial to the success of the team's season and a full squad attendance is invaluable.

  • We utilize the app, Band, to communicate with parents and athletes. It is a free app and has many features that benefit athlete-parent-coach communication. It helps keep all of the Butler Cheer information you'll ever need to know with you on the go! 


Q: What kind of tumbling do I need to make game squad?

A: We recommend a solid standing backhandspring and round-off backhandspring. Additional skills are a plus!


Q: What will I be scored on?

A: Female athletes will be scored on cheer, dance, jump, tumbling (standing & running), and overall impression. Male athletes will be scored on their cheer, coed & full group stunting, tumbling, and overall impression. Tumbling is not required for males.

Q: I am a male and have never cheered before but am interested. What do I need to do?

A: We are so excited that you are thinking about being a part of our program! Cheerleading is a great opportunity for males to showcase their athletic ability and strength. Trust the process and be willing to put in the work and you will be successful!