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2023-2024 Butler Cheer Tryouts

Open Gyms

Open gyms are open to all athletes interested in being part of the Butler Cheer program for the 2023-2024 season. They are strongly recommended for those athletes looking to be a part of our JHS or Varsity competition programs. All athletes must bring a completed waiver with them to the first open gym they attend in order to participate. Athletes can expect to stunt, tumble, and jump at open gyms. Open gyms are closed to the public. Only participants and coaches are permitted.

Open Gym Waiver

Open Gym Schedule:

All open gyms are at CT Elementary School in the cafe

Wednesday, April 5 - 6:30-8:30pm

Wednesday, April 12 - 6:30-8:30pm

Wednesday, April 19 - 6:30-8:30pm

Wednesday, April 26 - 6:30-8:30pm


Male and female athletes going into 7-12 grade for the 2023-2024 school year at Butler Area School District are eligible to tryout. Athletes going into 6th grade are not eligible as per eligibility requirements set by the PIAA. 

If previously a member of Butler Cheer, athletes must have paid all balances in full or they will not be eligible to try out.

All athletes must register in order to tryout. Registration includes: the athlete interest form, medical information form, & photo release. Medical information forms will be uploaded into the Tryout Band, as well as available on-site at the pre-tryout meeting and at open gyms. Athletes must have all paperwork completed by May 8 in order to try out. 

Click here to complete the athlete interest form.

Click here to join the Tryout Band (open to parents & athletes). 


  • 7th Grade Game Squad

    • athletes going into 7th grade​

  • 8th Grade Game Squad

    • athletes going into 8th grade​

  • Junior Varsity Game Squad

    • athletes going into 9th & 10th grade​

  • Varsity Game Squad

    • athletes going into 11th & 12 grade​

  • Junior High Competition

    • athletes going into grades 7-9 that make a game squad team are eligible to try out​

  • Varsity Competition

    • athletes going into grades 9-12 that make a game squad team are eligible to try out

*Athletes must make a game squad if they intend to tryout for a competition team.*

Tryout Schedule

Parent Meetings

Monday, May 1

  • Pre-tryout Meeting | 7:30pm - CT Elementary Cafe

    • Explain team breakdowns, tryout process, & expectations

    • Open for athletes & parents

Wednesday, May 17

  • Season kickoff meeting | 6:30pm - CT Elementary Cafe

    • Parents only. Athletes are not permitted to attend.

Tryout Schedule

Monday, May 1

  • Competition Open Gym | 6-7:30pm - CT Elementary Cafe

Wednesday, May 3

  • Competition Open Gym  | 6-7:30pm - CT Elementary Cafe

Monday, May 8

  • Material Practice | 6-7:30pm - CT Elementary Cafe

  • Competition Open Gym  | 7:30-8:30pm - CT Elementary Cafe

Tuesday, May 9

  • Material Practice | 6-7:30pm - CT Elementary Cafe

  • Competition Open Gym  | 7:30-8:30pm - CT Elementary Cafe

Wednesday, May 10

  • Material Review | 6-7:30pm - Senior High Gym

Thursday, May 11

  • Game Squad Tryouts - Senior High Gym

    • Varsity (11-12) : report at 3:30pm​

    • JV (9-10) : report at 4pm

    • 8th grade: report at 5:30pm

    • 7th grade: report at 6:30pm

Athletes must remain on-site until their grade level is dismissed in the event there are callbacks.

Monday, May 15

  • Competition Tryouts - CT Elementary Cafe

    • Varsity (9-12) : 5-6pm

    • Junior High (7-9) : 6-7pm

Athletes must make a game squad team in order to attend competition tryouts. 9th grade athletes will be eligible to make either Junior High or Varsity Competition but do not need to attend both tryouts. 9th graders should attend Varsity Competition tryouts unless they are only interested in being considered for the Junior High team.

Additional Information

  • Athletes interested in being part of the Varsity Competition Squad should plan to be available for Cheer Camp June 24-26 and Choreography Camp August 21-22.  These activities are crucial to the success of the team's season and a full squad attendance is invaluable.

  • Athletes interested in being part of Junior High Competition should plan to be available for a Stunt Camp June 12. This camp will also include our Junior High Game Squad & JV Game Squad athletes.

  • We utilize the app, Band, to communicate with parents and athletes. It is a free app and has many features that benefit athlete-parent-coach communication. It helps keep all of the Butler Cheer information you'll ever need to know with you on the go! 


Q: What kind of tumbling do I need to make game squad?

A: We recommend a solid standing backhandspring and round-off backhandspring. Additional skills are a plus!


Q: What will I be evaluated on?

A: Game Squad Tryouts: Female athletes will be evaluated on cheer, dance, jump, tumbling (standing & running), and overall impression. Male athletes will be scored on their cheer, coed & full group stunting, tumbling, and overall impression. Tumbling is not required for males. Competition Tryouts: The focus is on stunting & tumbling for all athletes.

Q: I am a male and have never cheered before but am interested. What do I need to do?

A: We are so excited that you are thinking about being a part of our program! Cheerleading is a great opportunity for males to showcase their athletic ability and strength. Trust the process and be willing to put in the work and you will be successful!

Q: What do I wear to tryouts / how should I look?

A: Athletes should be game ready at tryouts! They should wear a plain white t-shirt and dark shorts. The shirt should be tucked into the shorts. All jewelry must be removed - this includes smart watches. Female athletes should wear their hair in a clean ponytail - with a white bow if they have one. White cheer shoes are recommended if you have them. Do not buy cheer shoes for tryouts! Athletic shoes are just fine if you do not own cheer shoes.

Questions regarding tryout results and/or placements may be sent to

Please wait until at least 48 hours after tryouts have concluded to reach out. You should not expect a response prior to that time. No texts, calls, or other style of messaging will be answered.

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